Charvel San Dimas Artist & Bass Size Waterslide decal Silkscreened type Black in Greenwood, Indiana


listing is for one (1) black Charvel TM San Dimas waterslide decal. This is the size known as the "Artist size" as artists received the largest logo they had for better visibility on stage and on camera. This same exact size was used the following ways:1 Charvel Basses. 1 Strathead Artist guitars. 1 Pointy head guitars that required a black logo. YES,

the carrier film is the shaped material that forms the visible outline.

You don't cut this out like homemade decals. I never had a problem

applying these. I

will note that because these are old and dry, I dip these in the bowl

for about 10 seconds then remove and let rest for 1-2 minutes to really

allow the adhesive to liquefy. Using a decal setting solution like Micro

Set really helps too. I used one recently without solution and applied

fine. However, because I have no control over the skill of the buyer, I

am selling it "as is". Note:

The photo of the logo applied is one of these decals on a "Strathead"

for reference. I know many have questions about size. The application

will answer that for you. Logo shown is one of several, you will be receiving one of its batch, not the particular one shown. It will be exact in every way as they were made together.

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